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Elevating Service and Excellence as New England's Premier Distributor of Fine Wines and Spirits.



At Martignetti Companies, we take pride in being Massachusetts' Premier Distributor of fine wine, spirits and beer. Our unwavering focus is on delivering top-notch service and exceptional results to our valued retail and restaurant customers, as well as our suppliers.

At Martignetti of Massachusetts, our sales teams operate within dedicated divisions, each representing specific market segments and/or suppliers. These divisions - Century, United, Connoisseur, Excel On-Premise, Carolina, Classic, Commonwealth, and Strategic Accounts - are meticulously organized to cater to individual account and supplier needs.

Backed by Marketing, Merchandising, and Customer Service teams, our sales divisions strive to offer unparalleled, value-added services.

Our ultimate goal is to empower our customers, enabling them to curate the finest product selections for consumers, while simultaneously enhancing their profitability.



Martignetti sales people are professional wine and spirits consultants focused on meeting the diverse needs of our customers. Our teams represent thousands of products, sourced from all regions of the world, to ensure customers have what they need to succeed. Our sales people are highly educated and equipped with industry leading technologies, including real time inventory information, remote ordering capability and account specific transactional data. Learn about our different sales divisions, the services they offer and their unique product portfolios.

Carolina Wine & Spirits: A proficient team of seasoned sales professionals specializing in brand development and sales consultation. Offering Massachusetts' most comprehensive and diverse portfolio of premium and fine wines, as well as artisanal spirits.

Classic Wine Imports: A highly-educated, consultative fine wine sales team, dedicated to showcasing unique and independent wine producers from emerging and established regions worldwide.

Commonwealth Wine & Spirits: A specialized team exclusively focused on the long-term development of E&J Gallo’s international wine portfolio in the off-premise. Additionally, a dedicated on-premise team caters to high-volume restaurant and hotel accounts.

Century Spirits: A strategic and brand-building sales team committed to maximizing revenue and profitability. Focus is on Diageo North America and Moet Hennessey USA spirits brands, enhancing visibility and sales for Massachusetts customers.

Connoisseur Wine & Spirits: Focused on selling both mainstream and boutique fine wine and spirits. The well-trained team assists customers in discovering hidden gems at great values that complement a wide range of cuisines.

United Wine & Spirits: Building enduring partnerships with retail and restaurateurs for decades, United Wine & Spirits offers a range of profitable spirits and wines for on and off-premise customers across the Commonwealth.

Excel On-Premise: Martignetti’s state-wide dedicated On-Premise sales division, serving Massachusetts’s restaurants, nightclubs, bars, hotels, and stadiums for over 30 years. A leader in technology and innovation, Excel excels in meeting evolving customer needs.

Strategic Accounts: A specialized group of experienced sales professionals managing the top 300 off-premise accounts in Massachusetts, on and off-premise National Accounts, hotels, and new key account openings. Represents brands from all six Martignetti Companies selling divisions.



Leveraging cutting-edge, user-friendly technology such as our new online ordering and payment platform, Martignetti Exchange, we've streamlined the business process for your convenience. Accessible 24/7, our platform simplifies transactions, making it effortless to engage with us. Trade customers are invited to explore our world-class wine and spirits offerings at for a seamless experience.

At Martignetti Companies, our commitment to innovation drives our seven sales divisions to provide top-notch consultative services and value-added benefits to our customers. With deep-rooted relationships with hundreds of suppliers, we offer the nation's most extensive product range, featuring over 11,500 SKUs.

Martignetti Exchange

Industry Leading Distribution & Sustainability


Our state-of-the-art LEED Certified Distribution Center, in Taunton, MA, features advanced robotics and material handling systems, ensuring temperature-controlled storage and precise handling of over 200,000 cases weekly. This state-of-the-art facility represents our dedication to providing an advanced platform for accurate and on-time customer deliveries, while fostering a conducive environment for our employees and accommodating future growth needs.

Advanced Distribution Facility Advantages:

  • Automated picking and replenishment system operating 24/5.
  • Capability to ship 75,000 cases daily.
  • Year-round temperature-controlled storage.
  • 52 warehouse docks for efficient shipping and receiving.
  • Best-in-class technology managing over 11,500 SKUs.
  • Silver LEED Certified facility with a focus on sustainability.




At Martignetti Companies, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Our highly-educated Customer Service Representatives are dedicated to efficiently answering your inquiries and resolving issues with remarkable speed, offering extended support during peak seasons. With a focus on advanced technology, dedicated customer service, leading-edge distribution centers, and comprehensive marketing support, we offer a range of industry-leading services.

Experience unparalleled service with Martignetti Companies.




  • Martignetti Exchange Online Ordering Platform: Our 24/7 Martignetti Exchange platform offers real-time access to our extensive product portfolio. Customers can conveniently place orders, view and pay invoices, apply credits, and manage their accounts online. To open an account, visit or contact
  • Dedicated Customer Service: Our expert customer service team provides prompt and accurate support, even during peak seasons and holidays, using top-notch technology. Reach out at or call (781) 348-8000.
  • Dedicated Delivery Team: Our dedicated, experienced, and courteous drivers ensure great delivery service with a 100% on-time service record.
  • Merchandising: Our state-wide team focuses on merchandising products at retail, creating best-in-class displays, and executing in-store promotions. Supplier point-of-sale is managed through the innovative online Perma Trak system.
  • Marketing Support: Benefit from best-in-class marketing support, including personalized graphics and communication materials. Our retail merchandising teams execute in-store promotions to enhance brand visibility and stimulate sales during peak times.
  • Graphic Design Services: Our award-winning, in-house graphic designers specialize in creating personalized materials, including table tents, drink lists, shelf talkers, banners, and digital marketing campaigns.
  • Digital Communication: Connect with your customers through our curated digital content, seamlessly transferable to websites, email templates, and social media pages. Leverage our supplier marketing expertise for world-class content.

Prospective and Existing Customers

New Customers: If you're looking to upgrade your alcoholic beverage selection, explore our comprehensive portfolio of wine and spirits. 


Existing Customers: Explore the convenience of online ordering and bill pay through Order 24/7, explore products, access Accounts Receivable, and enjoy online payment options. 

Martignetti Exchange

More Information:

For more information on our services, and world class portfolio, contact your Martignetti sales representative or visit: →